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Fortified Weight Loss Program
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The Fortified Weight Loss Program is a comprehensive video series, complete with supplemental downloads and lesson activities. This comprehensive program includes 6 video lessons, including 3 lessons teaching the 3 myths that are literally keeping our nation fat and sick, supplemental videos and downloads including a grocery shopping list and meal plan (for 2) for an entire week, digital recipe cards with entrees, sides, and desserts, and a complete 10 minute exercise video that allows participants to complete from the comfort of their own home. Participants will learn the strategies that countless others have learned to achieve their weight loss goals via 6 video lessons.

This Program is NOT Just About Weight Loss

While this program is titled the Fortified Weight Loss Program, the core of this program is to get to the root of what is causing inflammation in our bodies. 9 times out of 10, we've found it starts with the poor nutrition that most of us are putting into our bodies. So weight loss is really just a side effect. This program exists to educate others about the connection that proper nutrition has with our overall health. Weight loss, reduced medications, increased energy, boosted metabolism, and all those kinds of things .. they're just the bonuses that come with this type of lifestyle change.

A Message From The Founders

"Are you tired, frustrated and overwhelmed with trying all those other diets that yield minimal results, packing back on the weight immediately when you stop the program? Or are you tired of counting calories, or keeping up with tracking your points? If you answered YES, then you're not alone, and we've created a program specifically for you! We are thrilled to teach you 3 simple changes to make that are guaranteed to help you shed those stubborn and unwanted pounds! Today's the day you finally learn the step-by-step tools you need to lose weight and keep it off. This program exists to educate you about how proper nutrition is directly connected with your overall health."

What Others Are Saying

"For most of my life I just felt foggy-headed and run-down. I thought this is life and just how you feel. But then I started learning how sugars and bad fats start affecting you at a cellular level. When I started learning how those two things start breaking down our cells, how they can lead to cancer and even cause premature aging, my eyes were opened! Nothing was working for me (diets, supplements, medications, etc), but when I enrolled in this program, I saw tremendous changes, FAST! I lost 50 pounds, I am no longer on prescription medications for acid reflux, and I have clear skin. Once I made those changes and saw results, I was amazed. At the end of the day, now I actually feel well, and now I'm inspired and empowered to share this message with others."

"I used to be considered a pre-Diabetic due to my weight, and suffered from chronic sinus infections, headaches, acid reflux, chronic fatigue and high blood pressure.  I was taking several over-the-counter allergy medications, was getting 6 allergy shots a week and taking prescriptions for my acid reflux.  After changing just my diet (not even exercising), I lost 59 pounds, dropped 6 dress sizes and got off every prescription and over-the-counter medication I was on.  This information and these 3 simple changes literally saved my life, and I can't believe I saw results in every area of my life with just nutritional changes alone."

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Lesson Overview

The Fortified Weight Loss Program consists of 6 Lessons, and each lesson comes complete with Lesson activities that are tangible action steps for each participant. The video lessons educate on the particular area of content, and the lesson activities are where you can take what you've learned and put them into action. This program includes the Fortified Meal Plan ebook, complete with anti-inflammatory recipes (breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, desserts and drinks), a grocery shopping list for the week, and a complete meal plan for 2 people for the entire week. We show you exactly what to eat and what to buy for the entire week. Additionally, we give you a digital recipe book with some of our favorite recipes that you can make as well.

This is perhaps the most widely accepted myth. After all, it makes sense that it’s just "calories in vs. calories out"; therefore, if we eat less and exercise more we should lose weight. This dogma has created a massive amount of frustrated dieters throughout the years. It has even created a few eating disorders along the way. The biggest challenge with this myth, is that it seems to work in the beginning. The problem is that you are losing the wrong kind of weight and your body believes you are starving. As soon as you begin eating again, you will gain all of the weight you lost plus an additional 50% more!

The statement "avoid fat and eat whole grains" actually encompasses two flat-out lies that literally could be killing Americans. Lesson 1 teaches you how the maps of obesity across the United States actually continued to INCREASE after the fat-free "theory" became popular. It is an American staple to eat whole grains. We are taught they are the healthy option; however, whole grains have substituted many of the processed white grains and yet obesity is still on the rise. Our brains made logic out of the statement that eating fat makes us fat, but we could not be further from the truth.  

We all have that feeling we aren't working out enough. Are you aware that gyms all across American see an increase of 75% attendance in January, as everyone has resolved to lose weight in the new year? Gym attendance usually normalizes around March as folks have gotten quickly defeated at the lack of quick results. We believe in exercise, but for health reasons, NOT weight loss. This lesson will show how exercise has very little bearing on the amount of weight you lose.

In this lesson, we teach you the why, how and what about your new way of eating, and we even did the hard work for you. We are giving you the Fortified Health Club Meal Plan ebook that includes a complete meal plan, grocery shopping list and recipe list for an entire week (for 2). We tell you exactly what to eat for the week, exactly what ingredients to pick up at the grocery store, and we tell you exactly what your breakfasts, lunches, snacks and dinners are going to be for the entire week. Consider us your meal-plan, grocery shopping concierge.

Small changes make BIG impacts and that is what this lesson is all about, and you will receive our digital recipe card book in this lesson. We kickstart your yummy list with some of our favorite treats, including entrees, sides, and even desserts. These anti-inflammatory recipes are definitely made with ingredients that love you back (and taste oh so delicious), so go on and indulge. We encourage you to make a list of your favorite foods you think you just can't live without, and we will help you find healthier versions of those foods. Our members are successful because the Fortified way is NOT about deprivation, it is about enjoying the foods you love made with ingredients that love you back.

This lesson is where the action begins! You take the information you were taught in Lesson 3, and you learn how it will raise your muscle building hormones for lasting, fat-burning in just 10 minutes. Our fitness guru teaches you 6 different exercises to do, then starts the timer, and then you are going to workout with us right there, in front of your computer, wherever you are. This exercise is only 10 minutes long (and only 3 minutes of actual workout time). You're not going to be alone in this video. I (Jonathan) was a guinea pig and workout in this video with you. As you'll see, this little ol' 10 minute exercise kicked my butt! Prepare to be amazed when you see how you feel at the conclusion of this workout.

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WARNING: This Program Is NOT For Everyone

Our Program is NOT for you if ..

  • You are already at your ideal weight ..
  • You enjoy counting calories and monitoring your portions daily ..
  • You physically feel great everyday ..
  • You love how you look in a bathing suit (or your birthday suit) ..
  • You don't struggle with fatigue, and your energy levels are sky-high ..
  • You want to stay on your medications ..
  • You have plenty of time in the week for grocery shopping and meal planning ..

Our Program IS for you if ..

  • You want to lose weight naturally (no surgery, no pills, no injections, no nothin') ..
  • You want to lose weight AND keep it off ..
  • You want to free yourself from calorie-counting forever ..
  • You want to eliminate your need for medications ..
  • You want to increase your energy levels ..
  • You want to boost your metabolism ..
  • You don't want to spend a lot of money at the grocery store ..
  • You want someone to plan out your menus and shopping lists ..

Are You Hungry For Results?

You're here because everything you’ve tried up til now has not worked. Losing weight often feels like an impossible challenge. Fad diets come and go, year after year, and all too often leave us with the same result .. disappointment.

Albert Einstein defines insanity like this ..

"Continuing to do the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

If you continue on the same path you're on, things will only get worse, and you know this. More struggles. More weight gain. More frustration. And it won't just affect you. It will affect every relationship and person that's in your life. It will affect how you work, how you play, and basically everything else in your life. We realize you don't want this quality of life, and we don't want it for you, which is why we have created another path for you that others have embarked on that have experienced the same real-life struggles as you. You have the power to live the life you were created to live. But it starts with a choice. And that choice is up to you. Do you want it?

With access to our program, we will walk you step-by-step through these top 3 myths we've been fed, that are literally keeping us fat and sick, with the simple steps to make to reclaim your health. Sign up today and get immediate access and see immediate results.

There's no better time than NOW to change your life!

Remember Grace's powerful success story above ..

"After changing just my diet (not even exercising), I lost 59 pounds, dropped 6 dress sizes and got off every prescription and over-the-counter medication I was on."

What would you do if you lost just one dress/pant size. How about 2? How would you feel if you lost 5 lbs, 10 lbs, 25 lbs? Remember, no pills, no surgeries, nothing additional to buy. Basically just swap out the foods in your pantry and start seeing immediate results.

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