Fortified Health Club: Small Changes Make Big Impacts


[ WEEK 1: Diet and Meal Plans ]

The kickoff to this life-changing program is monitoring your dietary changes. We simply cannot reach optimal health if we are constantly feeding corrupted fuel to our bodies. Dietitian Tracy Mastandrea will teach you the principles of a high-fat, moderate protein, low to no sugar diet. Working closely with Drs. Rachel and Jessica’s research, Tracy developed a powerful lesson to teach you both how and why to make these changes. This module will teach you how to use your 90-day meal plan and grocery lists, and how to adapt this to a traveling, busy lifestyle. At the conclusion of this module, you will be given all the tools to be successful in your nutrition.

[ WEEK 2: Blood Work Interpretation ]

Making sure you look and feel great on the outside is certainly a goal of Fortified Health Club, but monitoring your health on the inside is even more important to us. Your health can’t be judged simply by how you look and feel. Science and chemistry have had huge advancements over the years, and utilizing this powerful information is the key to preventing sickness and maintaining health. Drs. Rachel and Jessica will teach you valuable knowledge on how to interpret your blood work, so that you can be empowered for your own health and wellbeing. You will receive cutting-edge information that you have probably not heard before, including the roles your genetics and lifestyle choices play in determining your overall health. Drs. Rachel and Jessica have been integral contributors in designing the content for Fortified Health Club. They determined the life changes that play the most significant roles in changing and maintaining healthy levels of the biomarkers associated with this program.

[ WEEK 3: Oxygen and Water Intake ]

We all breathe and consume water, so it seems a bit elementary to think we need to learn how to breathe and drink water, right? Dr. Rachel will educate you on the critical importance of daily water intake, as well proper breathing techniques. You will learn practical routines to ensure you receive proper oxygen for both your brain and your hormones, and she will also review common myths surrounding clean water and its’ importance.

[ WEEK 4: Posture and Ergonomics ]

Being in the corporate world can sometimes mean sitting for long periods of time, staring at computer screens for hours, traveling in tight spaces such as airplanes, and picking up heavy equipment. All of these scenarios can be detrimental to the health of your spine, which is the central system that energizes and feeds life source to all of your bodily systems. Learning to maintain a healthy spine is an essential part of your overall wellness. Dr. Kyle Loveless will walk you through everything you need to know and practice for proper posture and ergonomics.

[ WEEK 5: Exercise & Fitness ]

Many of us think about exercise first as the essential part to overall wellness; however, did you know that less is more when it comes to working out? Our husband and wife expert team, Nathan and Jenni Oates, teach you how to get the most hormone production and fat burning from only 12 minutes a day! We know you are busy, may not want to go to a gym, and that your job may require extensive travel, so we have removed any and every barrier that keeps you from getting moving. Only 12 minutes a day, from home or the gym, is guaranteed to get your hormones producing properly and your body turned into a fat-burning machine.

[ WEEK 6: Removing Toxins ]

We are hearing more and more about toxins these days. But what is real, and what do we really need to be on the lookout for and remove from our lives? Our expert, Ava Anderson, will dive into the top toxins to avoid, why to avoid them and reveal the common places they could be hiding, many of which may surprise you. She will teach you the best ways to maintain a toxic-free home and personal care regimen for you and your families. Dr. Rachel will also reveal the incredible science that proves how toxic thoughts can have negative effects on your physical body. Removing toxic thoughts can be just as important as removing toxic chemicals.

[ WEEK 7: Mindset and Headspace ]

To achieve health that lasts a lifetime, you must have a strong mindset and headspace. Whether it’s in the area of your own health goals, your professional careers or your family relationships, we all experience both successes and failures. Without a strong mindset, failures can set you back, or you may even get a little too comfortable when you start achieving the success. Our relentless expert, Dr. Jay Davidson, will teach you how to experience and maintain lifelong results through the state of a healthy mind. You will become equipped to persevere in the face of complacency and bounce back from defeat.

[ WEEK 8: Creating Healthy Relationships ]

We all have various relationships in our lives, and carry many different roles in those relationships we have with others. Our relationships can be the best, and worst, things that have ever happened to us. Having healthy relationships sounds extremely difficult; however, our experts Dr. Wendy Walsh and Dr. Douglas Weiss are some of the nations leading experts in this field. Dr. Walsh will be teaching you the difference between toxic and healthy relationships in your work, personal life and family life, and Dr. Weiss will help you identify a particular relational toxin, and teach you how to eradicate it if it’s in your life. Dr.’s Walsh and Weiss will help you navigate the choppy waters of relationships in home and work with ease, thereby reducing stress in your life and providing a massive catapult in your overall wellbeing.

[ WEEK 9: Modern Day Epidemics ]

Dr.’s Rachel and Jessica want to empower you with the information you need to sustain your total wellness. They will go to the root and teach you the causes for diseases such as Diabetes, Obesity and High Cholesterol. This powerful module has the potential to save your life and the lives of those you love. The information they give you here is priceless, and they will empower you with knowledge so that you don’t have to be a slave to your genetics or become one of the statistics.

[ WEEK 10: Healthy Money ]

We all have a relationship with money, whether we like it or not, so what exactly is healthy money? Our relationship with money may be a love/hate relationship, but it is still one that can be healthy or toxic. One of our goals is to reduce all forms of stress in your life, so we must hit the topic of money. Our expert, Ed Coambs, has a unique background helping couples and individuals face their views surrounding money. He will help you integrate healthy boundaries to ensure a less-stress environment, so that you can face this topic head on and experience true financial freedom. Additionally, Jonathan and Faith, your hosts, will give you a review of one of the most popular money strategy books, with all the secrets that have been divulged from the financial world for your own personal benefit.

[ WEEK 11: Living Fortified on a Budget ]

By now, through 10 weeks in the program, you will have been exposed to a ton of information. We found it critical to pause, and help you remove any hurdles that could potentially keep you from taking action on the information you’ve been taught. We will teach you how to integrate the principles you have learned throughout Fortified Health Club, and even save some cash along the way.

[ WEEK 12: Healthy Workspace ]

You are now healthy from the inside out, but your work environment might still need some tweaking. From your office air quality to your interaction with your teammates, we are going to address how you can be the change you want to see in your environment. This module alone will makes the most impact on the corporations, as a whole.

[ BONUS MODULE: Fortified For LIFE ]

Only our Fortified Health Club graduates make it to this module. You must complete all of the modules to be considered a graduate, which gives you access to tools and resources offered only to those that have reached this level of success in the program. This module has compiled any and every resource you need to maintain this lifestyle for all your years to come. You will be given access to more specially designed programs that are tailored to your needs. If you have met all your goals and want to maintain them, we have the tools just for you. If you still have just a few more goals to achieve, and need a little personal assistance, we have tools just for you as well. While we compiled the nation’s top experts for you on these topics, we have done the same for your life long goals. This module gives you all the keys to success, to maintain your achievements and help you reach your goals for the rest of your life.