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Ed Coambs: Healthy Money

Ed Coambs, MBA, CFP teaches couples the importance about money and their marriage. During his career as a firefighter, he earned his Bachelor of Arts in Management from the University of Houston Clear Lake. With passions for helping people in crisis as well as for personal finance, he started a career with Vanguard Mutual Funds helping clients identify appropriate investments. While working at Vanguard, Ed also earned his MBA from the McColl School of Business at Queens University. Working with clients at Vanguard, Ed saw first hand the importance of proper financial planning, leading him to earn his Certified Financial Planner certificate from the University of Georgia, and passing the national exam to become a CFP®. Ed identified a huge need to bring the understanding of counseling and psychology to financial planning. This insight led Ed to earn his Masters of Arts in counseling from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. Ed now enjoys helping couples find common ground in their finances so that they can fully flourish in life.