Fortified Health Club: Small Changes Make Big Impacts


Fortified Health Club offers a money back guarantee for all individual memberships. Although we don't believe you will ever need to redeem this, if you feel strongly you just didn't receive results, here is how you can acquire your money back.
1. Submit your claim between day 31 and day 80 of your purchase.
Our requirement is that you give our program a 30-day shot. Lets face it; it’s a 90-day program. If you feel we haven’t done our job in 80 days, chances are the last 10 days aren’t going to blow you away enough to stop you from wanting your money back. Also, credit card companies do not allow us to refund you for a purchase past 90 days, so hence the 80-day mark.
2. You have to prove you did the program.
Of course we must have you prove this. We are so sure that our program works, we can’t imagine if you take action you won’t love your results! We will ask you a series of questions that will prove to us that you did indeed take action and do all of the recommendations.
We know that “one shoe” simply cannot fit all, so here is our promise to you. Simply put, we will not barrage you. If you are unhappy, we are unhappy. Simple as that. Of course we will try to turn your experience around because we do care about you. And don't worry, we will not make this “your fault”. We will make this as hassle-free as possible for you. We will try to find out why our program didn’t fit for you, so that we can grow and get you the proper support you need to exceed your goals.