Fortified Weight Loss Program
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The Fortified Health Club Meal Plan is your road map to health, complete with 175 recipes, 12 grocery shopping lists and 12 meal plans. We've totally removed the guesswork for you.

In this book, you will learn:

  • How to remove bad fats and increase good fats
  • How to remove refined sugars and grains
  • How to incorporate healthy proteins in moderation
  • How to read ingredient labels properly and shop the right way at the right places

From weight loss to heart disease, what you eat is your biggest influencer of health.

In this book, you will receive:

What Others Are Saying

"For most of my life I just felt foggy-headed and run-down. I thought this is life and just how you feel. But then I started learning how sugars and bad fats start affecting you at a cellular level. When I started learning how those two things start breaking down our cells, how they can lead to cancer and even cause premature aging, my eyes were opened! Nothing was working for me (diets, supplements, medications, etc), but when I enrolled in this program, I saw tremendous changes, FAST! I lost 50 pounds, I am no longer on prescription medications for acid reflux, and I have clear skin. Once I made those changes and saw results, I was amazed. At the end of the day, now I actually feel well, and now I'm inspired and empowered to share this message with others."

"I used to be considered a pre-Diabetic due to my weight, and suffered from chronic sinus infections, headaches, acid reflux, chronic fatigue and high blood pressure.  I was taking several over-the-counter allergy medications, was getting 6 allergy shots a week and taking prescriptions for my acid reflux.  After changing just my diet (not even exercising), I lost 59 pounds, dropped 6 dress sizes and got off every prescription and over-the-counter medication I was on.  This information and these 3 simple changes literally saved my life, and I can't believe I saw results in every area of my life with just nutritional changes alone."

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This Book WILL Change Your Life

"We believe this book has the power to transform your life if you use it, and we want to encourage you by saying that your goals are attainable and your health is YOURS to reclaim. We want to give you the number 1 tip for success with this meal plan, and that is do not skip dessert. EVER. We're dead serious. This meal plan is wildly successful because it is NOT based on deprivation. It is rooted in the fact that small changes create BIG impacts. We are not about depriving you from the foods you love, we are about teaching you how to enjoy the foods you love made with ingredients that love you back!"

Are You Hungry For Results?

You're here because everything you’ve tried up til now has not worked. Losing weight often feels like an impossible challenge. Fad diets come and go, year after year, and all too often leave us with the same result .. disappointment.

Albert Einstein defines insanity like this ..

"Continuing to do the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

If you continue on the same path you're on, things will only get worse, and you know this. More struggles. More weight gain. More frustration. And it won't just affect you. It will affect every relationship and person that's in your life. It will affect how you work, how you play, and basically everything else in your life. We realize you don't want this quality of life, and we don't want it for you, which is why we have created another path for you that others have embarked on that have experienced the same real-life struggles as you. You have the power to live the life you were created to live. But it starts with a choice. And that choice is up to you. Do you want it?

With access to our program, we will walk you step-by-step through these top 3 myths we've been fed, that are literally keeping us fat and sick, with the simple steps to make to reclaim your health. Sign up today and get immediate access and see immediate results.

There's no better time than NOW to change your life!

Remember Grace's powerful success story above ..

"After changing just my diet (not even exercising), I lost 59 pounds, dropped 6 dress sizes and got off every prescription and over-the-counter medication I was on."

What would you do if you lost just one dress/pant size. How about 2? How would you feel if you lost 5 lbs, 10 lbs, 25 lbs? Remember, no pills, no surgeries, nothing additional to buy. Basically just swap out the foods in your pantry and start seeing immediate results.

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