Fortified Health Club: Small Changes Make Big Impacts


Remove the guesswork! We tell you exactly what to eat for 12 weeks; breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. We even give you an itemized grocery list for every week, so that you don’t have to create one yourself. This meal plan is simple and effective!
In this Meal Plan, you will learn:
  • How to Remove bad fats & increase good fats
  • How to remove refined sugars & grains
  • How to incorporate healthy proteins in moderation
  • How to read ingredient labels properly
  • How to shop the right way at the right places to save money
  • How to incorporate this nutrition plan into your daily lifestyle
This meal plan is complete with 12 weeks of Grocery shopping lists and easy to follow recipes, and we feature over 100 guaranteed anti-inflammatory recipes.

* The views in this book are similar to those expressed by other widely-accepted researchers and experts. Click here for a complete list of references and resources.