Why We Chose doTERRA

How did we get HERE?! With essential oils?! With doTERRA?! 😉 We NEVER set out to do an essential oil business, OR a network marketing business in GENERAL! We (Faith) DESPISED network marketing! Never say never, right?

Well, our careers have taken tons of turn through the years as our health journey has evolved (read more about that here).

Let me quickly brag about Faith as the impressive businesswoman that she is. She started as a cosmetologist at the age of 15, became licensed at age 17 and became a colorist and educator for Aveda by 19. She continued that very lucrative career until her passion for wellness became stronger than her passion for hair. I used to call her my sugar mamma, working half as much as me and making twice as much as me. The majority of my career, on the other hand, has been in corporate marketing. I’m a marketer at the core and am pretty sure I always will be.

After her career shift, Faith began working with a team of doctors and I would come to the seminars simply for support for her. I got so inspired at these events that I eventually left my comfortable, corporate job and joined the team with her. We ran events together, nationwide, from the behind the scenes logistics to presenting, teaching and coaching. We partnered up on multiple projects along the way and it became very clear to us that TOGETHER, with our differing skillsets, we were unstoppable. We realized when we came together under one definitive purpose, the Heavens opened up and shifted on our behalf (who doesn’t want the floodgates of Heaven opening up?!). This allowed us to experience an entire new realm of being one, and THAT .. was revolutionary for us.

With this newfound discovery, we created Fortified Health Club (FHC), offering wellness programs to both individuals and corporations. We compiled some AMAZING experts together to bring their expertise to the table and teach their concepts which all came together as one unique wellness program.

We had a blast creating these programs and Fortified Health Club is still up and running, supporting individuals and corporations on their wellness journey.

But GOD ..

As we were in the throws of launching a new business and all that entails it (insert rollercoaster here 😉 ), we received a phone call from a dynamite, powerhouse couple, Nathan and Jenni Oates. They partnered with us in Fortified Health Club as our fitness experts, and are the Founders of Burstclub (a bad-A digital fitness program that will kick your booty in 3 min workouts!!). The cliff notes version is that they called us, let us know they were changing careers, said they were joining doTERRA and wanted us to be on this journey with them. I (Faith) immediately said, “Aww thank you so much for thinking of us, but I really don’t do things like this. No thank you!” Jonathan puts the phone on mute, and says, “I really think we need to do this. I think we need to say yes.” I looked at him and said “what do you mean WE? Do you have a mouse in your pocket? I don’t do things like this, and who would we ask to do this with us?” He said “I just think we need to do this. I feel like the Lord is saying Just say ‘yes’ and I will build your team.” So, RELUCTANTLY, I (Faith) said we would check it out, but that I needed to do my research.

(Here's a quick story from Faith about how we ended up joining doTERRA)

In the health field, essential oils were kinda like the red-headed step child. I mean if moms could use it, and it wasn’t something you needed a professional license for or some blood-work, it HAD to be hocus pocus (My pride was surely sounding like my rendition of a mainstream MD’s opinion of functional medicine!). YIKES .. can we say, you become what you judge?! Ouch!

Before making any decisions, we found it critical to seek counsel. We have an Intercessor for our business (someone who prays over our business, big decisions, contracts, directions, etc.) and we called him. Since we were a divided house (Jonathan was a “yes” and I was a “no”), we needed the tie-breaker vote. So, all we said to him was this quick text ..

.. “Hey, we had another opportunity come up and we are split in our decision of what to do. Can you pray and us chat through it at our next appointment?

We didn’t tell him the company name. We didn’t tell him it was in network marketing. All we said was “please pray”.

At our next appointment, he opens the meeting with “Hey guys! Before we get started, I’ve been praying about this new opportunity. I think it is one that will rely heavily on your network and I definitely feel you need to say yes to it” (Jonathan smirking , Faith face in hands 😉 ). Now, for some context, Jonathan and I were in a season of getting crazy opportunities left and right and they were mostly, if not all, in the corporate realm. So, there’s no way he would have ANY indication of a network marketing opportunity as well he KNEW my disgust with it. Now, unless Jonathan texted him behind my back, this was a clear indicator that we were to move forward, but I did not like it. 😉

So we agreed under the notion that I needed to personally see the Global Headquarters for myself, and if that weren’t enough, I need to actually talk with the scientists as well. Ok truth-be-told, I was REALLY believing I was going to get all the evidence I needed to tell our dear friends, Nathan & Jenni, “Thank you and good luck, because of A, B and C we can’t do this business with you" ..


Before our trip to the Headquarters, I called a dear friend of mine, a Doctor whom I highly respect, and she sells Young Living Essential Oils. She is one of those individuals that does her due diligence and research, so I said to her “what is the deal, why did you choose this company over doTERRA, I am exploring?” She says, “well honestly, this is the ONE thing I do that I really did NOT research" (say what?!?!). She said “I was asked to join by a Doctor that I highly respect, so I just trusted her, but here are some things I have heard about doTERRA.”

So, I religiously took all the notes, blog links and charts she gave me and was SOOOOO excited. NOW I had my ammo for my meetings and I was going to get my answers and proof I needed to tell my sweet friends a now educated, NO! Let me be clear, it had nothing to do with liking or not liking Young Living (or any other essential oil company, for that matter). I just wanted to NOT do doTERRA. The irony here is that we had actually ordered tons of doTERRA products about 2 years prior and they were all full bottles just collecting dust in our home.

I literally had JUST blown the dust off of a few for our home-birth and for support of some breast-feeding challenges we had. Want more irony? They worked AMAZING! I just didn’t want to do this business (Can you say stubborn?! 😉 ).

So, the trip to Headquarters is scheduled, the day is here and we are off. Utah here we come! With our walk with the Lord, He has used many different signs and ways to speak to us, and in this particular season, it was through numbers. LOTS of numbers. But the number I always WANTED but rarely got was the number 341. It’s a prophetic number that stands for a promise of unlimited proportion (there are many resources on this you can find through Bob Jones’ ministry). As we are driving to the airport, I look up and HUGE numbers on the back of this 18-wheeler right in front of us, clear as day .. 3416 (6 stands for the number of man, with the 341 for the promise of unlimited proportion)! I bust out laughing (Jonathan chuckling too, knowing my internal battle here). OF COURSE, while we are on the way to the airport for freaking doTERRA! SO I semi-jokingly and somewhat sarcastically say a prayer, “OK Lord, we see your unlimited promises on the number of man, so we ask you right now to build our team of 100K people in doTERRA". I, Jonathan, am cracking up inside at this point (as I’m watching Faith duke it out with God), knowing how patient God always is with us. So we continue driving and I think NOTHING of it, and then get on the plane with our sweet Nevaeh. We are in the back of the bus near the toilet .. yuk (we sure do miss Jonathan’s corporate airline status 😉 ). To keep Nevaeh occupied, I lift the window. I had to do a double take but there it was. On a luggage cart that was turned, so much so that I was most likely the ONLY seat on the plane that could see the back of it, were the numbers 341 .. you can barely see it in the pic below.


(341 on the way to doTERRA Headquarters)

Faith grabs me and says “LOOK! LOOK!” in disbelief. She could NOT believe it, and said “I've gotta be just making all this up”. Then, our plane lands in Phoenix, I lift the window shade so Nevaeh can see outside, and then I keep myself from letting out a loud scream .. literally, RIGHT THERE ,on the runway was a sign 34L16R. You can see from the below picture that because all these signs starting appearing everywhere, I started documenting all these occurrences with pictures .. you know, just in case we really were supposed to do doTERRA. 😉

(341-6 right when we land)

But 3416 .. seriously?!

What are the chances?! I mean really, what IS the mathematical probability of that EXACT sequence of numbers .. makes my head SPIN! Needless to say, I am paying attention now (insert Jonathan's “you think!” 😉 ).

Ironically (NOT irony, actually – that’s so God), our hotel ending up being RIGHT beside a Young Living facility and I was SO happy. I walked my booty in and checked them out before our doTERRA meetings. I immediately saw some concerning things (none of which I need to publically put out, as I am not about shaming them) but I was still honestly rooting for them to be better, so that I could say no to doTERRA.

Once we got to the doTERRA Headquarters, we ended up sitting with 2 of doTERRA’s Lead Scientists for about an hour and a half .. who gets this opportunity?! Well, I came out with guns-a blazing! We had our MD with us, my list of ammo and we were off! One by one, Nicole Steven gracefully answered all of my questions, concerns and taught me a thing or two (wouldn’t you know it), all with grace and the most pleasant smile. She was not moved one bit by my ammo. She was solid in what she knew and had NO reason to sell me. She was amazing. I was so humbled and blown away at the same time.

We then had a tour of the facility, which was second-to-none, and Jonathan mentioned how this company is just "a high-end operation" as he called it, from top to bottom, which is the perfect description. To know a completely debt-FREE company has such a top notch facility spoke VOLUMES to us. We then had the opportunity to sit down for another hour and a half with Dr. David Hill (Co-Founder of doTERRA). We cried, laughed and heard his amazing testimony. POW-ER-FUL! In complete disbelief of how I am feeling, we continued on to our training.

In the middle of the training, we began to goal set and create a business plan for the places we wanted to go. Jonathan and I looked at the compensation plan and we matched it with some financial numbers and confirming words that the Lord had given us regarding the monthly income that we were to have. So we both circled our goal.

Then, in the meeting, the trainer got to the level we had circled and she said, “When you are here, you probably have about 100K people in your organization.

Jaw .. On .. Floor!

WHAT?!?!? Jonathan and I are all but KICKING each other under the table! Are you tracking with us? Do you remember? THE EXACT number I had sarcastically prayed on the way to the airport just hours earlier in this same day! SERIOUSLY?! I had NEVER seen a doTERRA compensation plan or knew ANYTHING about ANYTHING.

Oh, the Lord was speaking and we were listening. Well, I DEFINITELY was listening now.

Needless to say, we left the Headquarters in tears, and I said to Jonathan .. “How can we NOT do this?!

The Lord said He would build our team and you know what .. He has. God has shown us 341 in some capacity around EVERY one of our top leaders, and He is even starting to reveal that number to some of them too (the stories would SHOCK YOU .. and inspire you like they've inspired us).

We are confident that God is on the move in a mighty, mighty way, regardless of what it looks like.

God drafted our family and business mission statement about 2 years before any of these meetings happened. It all started there .. our “prayed-in miracle baby” (powerful story for us to tell on a different day) arrived in the midst of chaos. Her anointing is strong, and now we are watching Him use THIS vehicle ..

.. the one I swore I would NEVER do ..

to bring our mission statement to life.

We are passionate about what God is doing and how HE is building it.

We are passionate about working with couples that want to be in business together.

We are called to walk the journey alongside many in their wellness as well as their entrepreneurship journeys.

It is our honor to pour out what God has shown us over the years, and link arms with those that want to continue you grow with us through the next stages of what this life may bring.

If our story resonates with you in any way, we would love to talk with you. We love connecting to those called to a higher purpose and if that is you, it may be destined that we are to link arms with you in such a time as this, in such a vehicle as this.

Drop us an email here Hello@MeYouAndOils.com or reach out to us on social media.

We look forward to hearing from you and are honored you hung with us and read JUST A BIT of our story (there is so much more of what God is doing). We hope it has blessed you in some measure and increased your faith to believe that God is still at work, active, engaged and speaking to us daily.

The only question is ..

.. are we listening?

Thanks for hearing our hearts,

- J & Faith

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