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Email Whitelisting

Many Internet companies and email providers (think Gmail, Yahoo!Mail, etc) have all kinds of programs set in place that keep the bad email out (or the stuff we don't want and never signed up for). Another word for that is SPAM, and we all get it. The problem is that sometimes these programs accidentally block email that we actually want to receive (let's call it the good stuff).

A whitelist, in a nutshell, is a list of e-mail addresses or domain names from which an e-mail blocking program allows messages to be received. So we want to make sure you add the corresponding Fortified Health Club email addresses to your email whitelist so that you'll continue to receive our content and updates that you signed up for. You shouldn't have to go to your SPAM or JUNK folders to find us.

Why Is This Important?

You might be asking "How do I whitelist your emails?" and we'll show you how in just a moment. But first, unwanted email (think those ads for fake Rolexes and Louis Vuitton bags), commonly known as SPAM, is a really big problem these days. Because it's such a big problem, email service providers and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) typically put some pretty extensive filtering systems in place (for context, think about robots that get to decide if your email is good or bad).

These filtering systems many times block email that you actually asked for, but somehow, it's somebody’s (dang robots!) idea of what SPAM is. While more systems are being put in place to try and to reduce these occurrences, you might've found lately that you’re not always getting your subscription’s content.

Well, email whitelisting is the solution.

Whitelist Us Right Now

People use all kinds of email providers, like Gmail, Yahoo!Mail, Hotmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, and the list goes on, and every email system is different in how to whitelist. So we've added instructions below for some of the most popular ones available. If yours isn’t here, please contact your ISP’s customer service folks for their instructions.

Apple iPhone/iPad:
(1) Open the email, (2) tap the sender's name in the "From" line, (3) on the next screen tap "Create New Contact", (4) tap Done

Microsoft Outlook 2013:
(1) Right click on the email from, (2) hover over "Junk" and then (3) click "Never Block Sender"

(1) Open the email, (2) tap the icon next to the email address and (3) then tap "OK"

Apple Mail:
(1) Right click on the email address, (2) select "add to contacts" or "add to VIPs

(1) Click and drag the email into the "Primary Tab" and then (2) click yes to confirm

Outlook (Formerly Hotmail):
(1) Open the email and (2) click "add to contacts" link

Yahoo! Mail:
(1) Right click the email, (2) select "add sender to contacts" and then (3) click "save"