Your Team For Higher Success

Welcome to the Elev8 Team training website – your path to success in doTERRA. This is not a path you will travel just once as you LAUNCH. This clear road map of activities will GROW your business when repeated consistently over time. As you bring on new people, bring them here to create duplication and momentum in your organization.

A Message from your Founders

Hey There!

We founded this team from a movement of people who desired to change lives, starting with their own.

Our mission is two-fold:

1. Help as many people use the best natural products (enter doTERRA essential oils) for healthy living

2. Empower families to create a life they actually enjoy living by becoming financially free.

It's really interesting - you can have all the “stuff” in the world and have terrible health and poor quality of life…sounds miserable. Conversely, you can feel great but have more month than money or feel stuck in a job with no time freedom and never get to enjoy your good health. doTERRA has provided a solution for both for our family.

After zero previous business experience and fumbling our way through network marketing for a handful of years, we finally figured out the right recipe of Mindset, Skillset, and Toolset that creates crazy success. As the fastest Diamond and Blue Diamond leaders in doTERRA, we’ve created a team culture of success, where every day people are getting healthier and one step closer to resourcing their “Big Dream.”

Our family knows what it means to face enormous and overwhelming obstacles…but we also know what it means to overcome them. We want to show you – step by step—how we have done it so that YOU can be next.

Let’s get started!

Nathan & Jenni

The P.I.P.E.S System

P.I.P.E.S. is a simple acronym to help you remember our business-building system – Prepare, Invite, Present, Enroll, and Support. Engage in these 5 pipeline-building steps daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly to create success. Remember, the more you put into your “pipeline,” the more you get out.

Success Simplified

Overview of P.I.P.E.S

Think of these steps as not only the way to LAUNCH your business but also to keep it in a continuous GROW mode by continuing to repeat them weekly. It’s the old adage, “Wash, Rinse, Repeat.” The “IPE” of P.I.P.E.S. contain the most Incoming Producing Activities (IPAs) of the business, so weekly invest a portion of time into the “P” and the “S” (Prepare and Support) but devote the bulk of your time to Invite, Present, and Enroll.

Your Success System Tools


PREPARE is the first step of PIPES. Stephen Covey said it best in his 7 Habits of Highly Successful People, “Begin with the end in mind.” Nothing worth achieving can be accomplished without first knowing where we want to go and preparing for the journey.

The key to making this a successful part of your system is to touch this step weekly but never stay “parked” here. Examples of touching this step weekly post-LAUNCHING might include taking time at the end of the week to plan out the following week’s events or rewriting your contact list for who you plan to connect with the next week.

"Preparation should always lead you to execution."

- Jenni Oates

Getting Started

Weekly Training Calls

Join our weekly team training calls, every Monday night at 8 PM (CST)

LAUNCH your doTERRA business by doing these initial Getting Started steps below. Continue to GROW your business by making weekly and monthly preparations that move you into Income Producing Activities (IPSs) each day.

  • Complete the Getting Started Checklist
  • Watch the BUILD Video
  • Download the BUILD Guide
  • Choose your path and identify your pace (pg. 9-10 of BUILD guide)
  • Download the LAUNCH Guide

Identify Your Why

Your “Why” is your constant motivator to keep moving forward. Author and speaker Simon Sinek says, “Start with why.” It is the driving force of why people will buy from you or join your team. Get clear and keep this in front of you at all times. As you GROW, you will find this expands into so much more!

Identify your Why vid (Jenni)

  • Write down your "Why"
  • Share with your Upline leader

Create Your List

Every business—whether it’s a home business, a brick and mortar store or restaurant, or a corporate conglomerate—has a “List” that is one of their most valuable commodities. Companies protect their list at all cost, and some even sell their list for a high price tag. Why would they do this? Because they know it is the most valuable asset of a business owner—the people to whom you will sell your product, service, or opportunity. So, this too is where we begin.

To help you compile your “list of assets,” think of the people you have influence with. Download the Memory Jogger to help you think about your past and present circles of influence. Then, make two types of lists – those you would love to give a sample of doTERRA essential oils to and then those you would love to work with in this business. Lastly, write why you thought of them.

LIST #1: Prospective Product Users

Everyone you know can find a use for essential oils! But let’s start with a list of people you know have specific health needs or interests.

  • Do you already know a healthy priority they have?
  • Do they love natural things?
  • Are they trying to make shifts in their life to be more healthy?

LIST #2: Prospective Business Partners

Use the two videos below to create a focused demographic of your target audience to build your “Dream Team.”

  • How many of these 7 qualities do they have?
  • What character quality do you love about them?
  • Are they loyal, consistent, hard-working, a good communicator?

7 Qualities (Nathan/Jenni)

Secret Keys (Nathan on Key)

  • Complete the Getting Started Checklist
  • Make a list of 100 names for both List #1 and #2
  • Write why you thought of them
  • For business prospects, give them a score of 1 - 7
  • Put a star by the top 25 you want to reach out to first
  • Put 2 stars by your top 5 "Dream Team" prospects

Set Your Goal

Remember, begin with the end in mind – where you ultimately want doTERRA to take you. Which rank reflects where you want to be? Let’s call that your big “stretch” goal because it will take time to get there. Now, let’s back it up a bit and create a short-term goal to LAUNCH you to that bigger stretch goal.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What do I want?
  • When do I want it by?
  • How much time am I willing to invest each week to get there?

Elite is the launching pad to all other ranks in doTERRA and is key to helping you get where you want to go. Set a goal to hit Elite in 30, 60 or 90 days from now. Once you reach Elite, your goal is to then help others do the same.

The Foundational Rank in doTERRA

Goal Setting Guide

  • Complete Goal Setting Guide
  • Set a 30, 60 or 90-Day goal for Elite
  • Set a 1-year goal
  • Tell your upline both goals

Put It In Action

Fill out both the Elite and Silver rank maps. Use the Silver rank map as a “stretch” goal and fill it in with your “doTERRA Dream Team.” Use the Elite rank map to create a LAUNCH path for you that you can begin implementing right away.

*If you wish to go beyond Elite in your LAUNCH month, choose the appropriate builder sheet to fill out in the Resource section of this site.  

  • Complete Elite Rank Map
  • Complete Silver (or Higher) Rank Map
  • Decide if you want to do Elite in 6 weeks
  • Join the Elite Training Group on Facebook

Schedule Your Weekly Success

Now that you have your goal and action plan in place, let’s schedule out your week so we can bite it off in smaller pieces.

Weekly Success Video (TBD)?

Success Schedule

  • Map out your first 4 weeks using our Weekly Success Scheduler
  • Schedule a Weekly Strategy/Success Call with your Upline
  • Choose which worksheet you will use as a weekly accountability form


One key to our team’s fast success is that we train to constantly be inviting to two specific things simultaneously – 1) the Products and 2) the Business. The common denominator in each of these equations is getting essential oils into people’s hands and inviting them to hear more. Below is our success system for both.

Inviting people to try products or look at a business should always be done with their strengths, interests, goals, and needs in mind…not yours.

- Jenni Oates

Inviting to use the Products

Sampling is one of the most important things you will do in your doTERRA business because it begins the process of inviting. We have found it is MOST effective to invite people to your basic Natural Solutions classes only if they’ve previously been given a sample and had a positive experience. Resist the urge to skip this step or go blast all your friends on Facebook or Instagram about your new business (P.S. That doesn’t work!). Do it the right way and watch your results!

Scripts for Sampling Well (on the Sample Flow Chart)

Sampling Made Easy (Jenni and Faith)

Sample Scripts (Prague Training Book)

Sample Flow Chart

Order Sample Supplies

  • Order sampling supplies if you haven't yet
  • Sample 45 - 50 people for your LAUNCH
  • Follow-up and invite to LAUNCH classes
  • Schedule 1-on-1s for those who can't make the live classes
  • Put 2 stars by your top 5 "Dream Team" prospects

Note: Anytime you want to create momentum in your business, sample 50 more people.

Inviting to join the Business

While you are sampling people to invite them to oil classes, you are simultaneously inviting specific people to look at the doTERRA business opportunity to see if it’s a fit for them. Recruiting is how you scale your business and duplicate your efforts.

Note: The average doTERRA Diamond has personally recruited 30 Wellness Advocates.

Elev8 Recruiting Process (need edited PPT slide)

Elev8 Recruiting Process

Recruit Like a Pro (Tips)

Recruiting Like a Pro (Scripts)

6 Figure Listening Method

  • Identify 25 - 50 from your list that "scored" the highest, and contact
  • Set up five 3-way calls as quickly as possible
  • Schedule the Business Prospect 3-way call with your leader

Text them the below 3 short videos to watch before the call:

Co-Impact Video
Comp-Plan Video
Enrollment Kits

Note: Make sure your prospect always knows what type of call they are getting on. “Tricking” people into hearing more about doTERRA’s business opportunity NEVER works. Don’t waste your time, their time, or your leader’s time. Make sure if you involve your upline with a 3-way that this is a serious prospect who is interested in seeing if doTERRA is a fit for them.


Building a doTERRA business is centered around creating positive essential oil experiences for people and educating them on how to use them. In this step we will train you on how to teach a simple, yet very effective and basic class, called the Natural Solutions Class, that you will teach over and over and duplicate with builders you bring on to your team.

Use one of these methods to PRESENT the oils: Live Classes, One-on-Ones, Online Classes, Video, and getting others to be Hosts for you.

Make your presentation a conversation that connects with people where they are at. Don’t talk at them. Talk with them.

- Jenni Oates

Live Classes

Live classes tend to be the most effective way to do Step #3 of P.I.P.E.S. for a few reasons.

1. Maximize Time - You can present to multiple people at one time.

2. Create Oil Experiences - Prospects have had a positive experience with a sample prior to class, and now you get even more oils on them. The products do the “heavy lifting” for you because they work!

3. Train as You Teach - Prospective builders see in action the simplicity of building a doTERRA business.

Keep your class short and simple, feature only the main oils (Top 10) so as not to overwhelm your guests with information, and make it fun and interactive! Download the class guide, schedule your launch classes, and start sampling to invite!!

Watch our whole class training series to learn how to do the Natural Solutions Class or watch one live!

Natural Solutions Handout (Original)

Natural Solutions Handout (Latest)

Natural Solutions Class Script

FB Live Class (w/ Jenni)

  • Download the Natural Solutions Guide above (latest version)
  • Schedule 4 LAUNCH Classes or your regularly held monthly classes, 1-on-1s or online classes
  • Sample, sample, sample, then follow-up and invite
  • Teach your classes. If it's your first time, utilize your leader and the 4 Class System


One-on-Ones are an effective way to share oils with people. Follow the same format of the Natural Solutions Class to keep the conversation simple, duplicable, and on track.

When planning your monthly business goals, keep in mind that this method gets you in front of only one person at a time versus 6-8 in the Live Class setting. To maximize your weekly business hours, use One-on-Ones strategically.

VIDEO: Need to Record one (key to effective one on ones – simple, use the guide, don’t bring all oils, don’t send home samples/sample prior, really close it)

Online Classes

How to do Effective Online Classes

(with Faith Hill)

What about people who can’t make a live class or who don’t live locally? Or what if you have a lot of online influence already and want to tap into that market?

Teaching Online Classes are the perfect way.


Sharing a pre-recorded video of someone else doing the class can also be an effective sharing tool. But remember, resist the urge to just blast your friends with videos.

Success Steps for Video Sharing

Step #1: Call and find out their top 3 health priorities

Step #2: Sample 1 specific health priority

Step #3: Follow-up about their experience

Step #4: If positive, invite to watch the class video.

Step #5: Send class video via Text, Email, or Messenger. link to Natural Solutions Class video (Jenni to create once video is uploaded)


Getting other raving oil fans to Host classes for you is one way to ensure you never run out of people to share doTERRA with. Check out these videos to see who makes a great Host and how to equip them to have an effective class.

Hosting Made Easy

Hosting Tips


Step 4 is all about helping your prospect get started where it’s right for them. How do you know where it’s right for them? You ask questions and listen for their needs, goals, and interests. Then you present the 3 pathways and let them decide first how they see themselves fitting in with doTERRA:

  1. LIVE: They want to use doTERRA products to feel better
  2. SHARE: Share them casually with others
  3. BUILD: A business, future, and income

If you don’t skill up and learn how to close, you’re running a charity, not a business. – Nathan Oates

Then you show them the enrollment kits and help them get set up with the kit that matches their health priorities AND their desired pathway and pace.


- Jenni Oates

Enrollment Kits (2017 - 2018)

Keys to Closing a Class (Jenni)

How to Close the Initial Invite Call (Beckie)

How to Enter Enrollments (Share Success Video)

  • Practice the keys to closing at your next class
  • Follow-up with anyone who has had a sample or been to a class and have the enrollment conversation
  • Set a weekly/monthly enrollment goal; tell your upline
  • Elite Goal: 15 Customers; 3 Wellness Advocates


After a new person enrolls in doTERRA, Customer or Wellness Advocate, you have 14 days to move them to the place that is right for them and for you. We outline several placements criteria to help you structure your organization properly, but here are a couple of important terms to keep in mind:

Enroller: When you sign someone up under you, you automatically become their enroller. Think of this as your “genealogy” or “family tree.” As the enroller, you can move that new enrollee anywhere in your organization for the first 14 calendar days. Fast Start bonuses and Rank Advancements are determined by enrollership.

Sponsor: When you personally enroll someone and then place them under another team member on your downline, that team member becomes their sponsor. Think of this as “levels.” Sponsorship impacts which “level” your enrollee is sitting on. Use this to build legs and strengthen teams. Its not necessary to give up enrollership in order to change the sponsor. Someone can “sit” 3 or 7 levels down but still be enrolled by you. Power of 3 and Unilevel Commissions are determined by sponsorships. Sponsors do not receive Fast Start bonuses or rank advancements.

Only give up enrollership when the sponsor has:

  1. Shown commitment, capabilities, and support to their team through teaching, mentoring, and enrolling.
  2. Grown faster and stronger than the enrollee you are transferring to them.
  3. Advanced in rank and needs the enrollership to reach the next leadership level.


The Support step involves initial and ongoing follow-up to customers and Wellness Advocates that we enroll in order to help them succeed in their health or business journey. Maybe you’ve heard the quote that every successful business person we know repeats – “The fortune is in the follow-up.” This holds true for the initial sale as well as on-going repeat orders. If you want to build a sustainable business, follow-up and support must be a regular part of your week.

Follow-up and follow-through and you’ll stand out among the crowd.

- Jenni Oates

Facebook Add & Tag

Add new Wellness Advocates to our Team Elev8 private Facebook group, where you will find a community of individuals around the globe with a common mission of selling doTERRA essential oils and building thriving businesses. Additionally, make sure to tag them in the Pinned Post (first post on page).

Make sure to also ADD your new Wholesale Customers to your, or your leader’s, customer Facebook page, and TAG them in the pinned Welcome post on that page. 


(with wholesale customers)

It's critical to follow up promptly with each new Wholesale Customer. 

  • Schedule a Wellness Consult with them
  • Confirm they've watched the videos below prior to the consult

Make sure to share the FREE 8-Class Continuing Oil Course with each of your wholesale customers. 

  • Class 1 - EO Foundations
  • Class 2 - Daily Vitality
  • Class 3 - Weight Control
  • Class 4 - Emotional Health
  • Class 5 - Healthy Home & Body
  • Class 6 - Body Systems
  • Class 7 - AromaTouch Technique
  • Class 8 - Essential Science
  • Download the Natural Solutions Guide above (latest version)
  • Schedule 4 LAUNCH Classes or your regularly held monthly classes, 1-on-1s or online classes
  • Sample, sample, sample, then follow-up and invite
  • Teach your classes. If it's your first time, utilize your leader and the 4 Class System

Don't forget to follow-up with each new Wellness Advocate

Send them to THIS SITE to LAUNCH their business!

Way to go, rockstar!

Congratulations! Remember, don't get lost in the details - always come back to this site and know that all we are doing is covering 5 basic steps over and over that fall into PIPES .. (P)repare a list, (S)ample, (I)nvite, (P)resent via oil class, (E)nroll and then (S)upport them with education, wellness consults or business training if building.  Just like Monopoly, pass Go, collect your $200, and the next time you go around the board it will compound and you will collect $2,000.

Additional Resources & More Info

Additional Recruiting Resources

This can be sample text describing the 2 further recruiting training videos below. It doesn't have to be much, just describe the videos, or tell them why they should watch them, what they'll learn, etc. It doesn't have to be much, just describe the videos, or tell them why they should watch them, what they'll learn, etc. 

Recruit like a Pro (TIPS)

Recruit like a Pro (SCRIPTS)