Fortified Health Club: Small Changes Make Big Impacts

Welcome to Fortified Health Club

Health .. ugh.

What emotion does that word evoke in you?

For the longest time, it evoked negative emotions in both of us, because we lived completely unhealthy lifestyles.

But now we have worked in the health and wellness industry for about 7.5 years and loved every minute of it.

We have worked one-on-one with clients, taught seminars to the public and even taught and trained Doctors and assisted them in training their patients.

We have seen countless testimonies of personal achievements for years and often wondered why some of the miraculous stories we have seen are not on the news, have had books written about them, or blockbusting movies being made about them.

Why are these miracles being silenced?

We realized if we truly want to make a difference we needed to talk the language of the folks that can make a difference ..

.. Our Medical Doctors.

So, we joined forces with two incredible cutting-edge Medical Doctors and created Fortified Health Club as a means to gather information to substantiate the REAL results that lifestyle changes can make on health.

Additionally, we want to substantiate hard data of people getting off of their Statin medications by reducing stress in their lives.

In order to reduce stress we had to define what types of major stressors affect most people.

When most of us think of health, everyone thinks in terms of diet and exercise only.

But what about how you are breathing, sitting or interacting with people?

We decided to address ALL types of stressors that tend to put people in a state of chronic stress, which breaks down health and increases the need for medications.

Let us get this straight right away. We believe there is a time and place for medicine and are thankful for the modern advances we have made in some of these areas.

What we are against is the over-dosing of the general public for medications that mask merely a symptom and do nothing to the root cause that creates the symptom.

We are incredibly passionate about helping people that truly want to achieve health, and assisting them in achieving it.

Fortified Health Club is not for everyone.

It is NOT for someone who wants to lose weight at all costs (willing to take pills, injections or surgeries, no matter the health risks involved) or someone who thinks their medications are a sort of “vitamin” keeping them healthy.

Fortified Health Club is for committed individuals that want to achieve True Health and are willing to go against the grain to get it.

Members of our program value their life and their quality of life, and simply need the proper road map to navigate the toxic traps set before them.

Our Fortified definition of True Health is ..

.. Freedom to experience life at maximum capacity physically, mentally, relationally, emotionally and spiritually, and should you come under attack be able to fight vigorously and come out stronger.

We experience life, joy, and peace in all of these areas as well as all of the negative emotions such as fear, rejection, and insecurity.

When we are constantly feeling negative emotions in any of these areas in our lives, we are in a state of “disease” and our bodies will slowly break down, expressing symptoms that eventually lead us to taking medications.

Our goal with Fortified Health Club is to invigorate every area of your life so that you can truly find what it means to be a Fortified Total Well-Being, experiencing our full definition of health.

In our 12-week digital program, we partnered with experts from all over the country to address a wide range of topics that will help invigorate all 5 areas of your being.

We believe true health is achieved with lasting results only when all areas are addressed.

It brings joy to our hearts to watch our members achieve success and have them join our growing group of Fortified Total Well-Beings.

We are a family business, and so we see our members as family worth being celebrated and in community with us.

Our goal is to help 100,000 people get off at least one, if not all, of their symptom treating medications.

We believe that small changes make big impacts, and Fortified Health Club is the catalyst to help you achieve optimal health in every area of your life.

Will you be one that becomes a Fortified Total Wellbeing?

We hope so.