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Danger Is Lurking In Your Fridge

Sometimes, it’s what you don’t put in your body that can have the greatest positive effect on your overall health.

Did you know there are 3 extremely dangerous culprits lurking inside your fridge that could be preventing you from achieving your weight loss goals, and even doing more serious damage to your body?

Unfortunately, many food manufacturers are sacrificing quality for cheap production and shelf life, and it shows in the harmfulness of the food products on the market.

If you’re like the rest of us, there are likely 3 items, loaded with sugar, chemicals and preservatives, hiding right under your nose that should be trashed immediately.

But before learning what they are, it’s important to understand why they’re dangerous.

Here’s the skinny.

Hidden sugars, chemicals and preservatives all have (at least) one thing in common:

They keep you fat!

Here’s how.


We all know that sugar is bad for us, and most of us try to avoid it as much as possible.

Our bodies know how to process sugar found in fruits and vegetables, but the sugar on the market today is toxic and usually derived from a genetically-modified (GMO) source, whether it’s beets, corn, or sugarcane.

Also, sugar is highly addictive, and research proves that sugar causes Diabetes, drives inflammation, and feeds cancer.


Artificial coloring, artificial flavors, non-Organic dairy products, and ingredients from GMOs, such as lecithins, are all loaded with chemicals.

If these are ingredients sourced from GMOs, that means you are ingesting toxic pesticides (remember, manufacturers do NOT have to label this)!

Even if they are not from GMO sources, these ingredients go straight to your brain and try to trick you into thinking what you are eating is good and good for you!

Clever, right?

Let me give you an example.

If you were to order a strawberry milkshake, you would naturally think that it has actual, real strawberries in it.

Unfortunately, many don’t contain actual strawberries, and instead, they have artificial strawberry flavors.

So what does this mean?

If something has an artificial strawberry flavor, your brain thinks you are eating strawberries, but your body is not getting any of the anti-oxidants or vitamins from a strawberry.

Instead, your liver and kidneys have to sift out the chemicals you just consumed!

The manufacturers do not have to list each chemical used to make that combination or flavor and therefore, that one listing (artificial strawberry flavor) can hide HUNDREDS of chemicals that you are ingesting.

Sickening, actually.


Chemical preservatives are created for one primary purpose. They are meant to make sure the product has a shelf life.

If it has a life span on a dead shelf, you can rest assure it is not producing LIFE in your living body.

Preservatives are also usually derived from GMOs and contain harsh sulfites and other abrasive ingredients that destroy your brain and your gut.

MSG (mostly known for being in Chinese foods), is a leading preservative added to many foods, and is a popular example of how a preservative can cause headaches and irritable bowels.

Bottom line, these sugars, chemicals and preservatives are POISON.

But the poison is NOT in the dose.

Hypothetically, if you were to ingest a lot of poison at one time, it would certainly kill you.

So why don't we view ingesting a little poison over a long period of time the same way?

If it doesn't kill you, rest assured it will put a toll on your detoxification organs that are working tirelessly to keep you alive.

Even further, poison makes you fat.

Our bodies are like a brilliant science lab.

When we eat food, our body breaks the food down into raw materials and sifts through what it can and cannot use.

It cannot use these chemicals, and is left with the option of sending it through our liver and kidneys to sift out for elimination.

So how does that make us fat?

Well, if our body thinks the chemical is too toxic for our detox organs to handle, or our organs are under too much stress already, our body will store the chemicals in our fat cells.

Additionally, our body will then store extra fat around it to make sure those chemicals are not released into you blood stream!

That is amazing, and proves how brilliant our bodies are created; however, why cause that stress on our organs?

Let’s talk about survival.

Remember, our body is concerned with what poses the most risk. Weight gain is sometimes our body's side effect for trying to save our own lives!

Our body cannot release some of the chemical-laden excess fat we are holding until it knows it’s safe from more chemical onslaught coming again.

The key is to stop these foods right now.

So now that you know why these foods are so dangerous, here are 3 of the most dangerous ones that are found in almost everyone’s fridge.

#1 Margarine

Margarine is a toxic, plastic substance that we use as a “buttery spread.”

Yes, you read that right .. Plastic!

It is made from vegetable oils made with a high-heat process that heats the oil past the point where it should be heated.

This makes it rancid, or as we know it, hydrogenated.

The bugs won’t even eat it!

If bugs won’t eat it, well, it’s not food. Margarine is a complete trans fat, and most of us know by now to avoid trans fats at all costs. Stay away from this junk.

When you eat margarine, your body rejects it, meaning your body doesn’t know what to do with this toxic substance, so it either stores it or forces it to go through your detox pathways that I mentioned earlier.

What’s the best alternative to margarine?

Good ol’ fashioned butter.

Yep, the stuff our ancestors used to eat (and lots of it, too).

Butter contains aracadonic acid, which is brain food!

Did you know your brain is made of 80% fat? Yes, FAT, so it is essential to eat good fats for optimal cognitive function and overall health!

We even add butter to our coffee (yea, don't judge). If you don't believe us, watch this quick video as we make a delicious full-fat latte, with yep, butter (and so much more).

#2 Salad Dressings

Most salad dressings are loaded with high fructose corn syrup (contains mercury, the second most toxic element on the planet), preservatives, sugars and vegetable oils.

Salad dressings seem safe (after all, they’re going on salads), but can quickly turn a really healthy salad into a toxic, sugary mess.

Replace these store-bought sugar and chemical bombs with your own homemade dressing.

It’s not difficult to make. Just think of dressings you like, and clean them up. As a substitute, use plain ol’ extra virgin olive oil with lemon juice, or get an organic version of your favorite dressing with no dyes or preservatives, made with real sugar.

When buying from a store, just be aware of the amount of sugar you’re getting through this hidden sugar source.

#3 Cheese

Oh come on, cheese?

But cheese is a great source of dairy and protein, right?

Well, what if we told you American cheese is not cheese? Did you know some of it is not even made with milk?

Please tell me, how can you have a cheese product that’s not made with milk?

Be aware!

Your cheeses should be white or at least a light, creamy color. If you have cheese in your fridge that is orange, it has food coloring added to it, and food colorings equal toxic additives!

Your cheeses should be Organic, raw, or made from milk from grass-fed cows. When it comes to meat, cheese and milk, what the cows eat, you eat.

It matters what the cow is eating, just like a nursing mother’s diet and lifestyle is reflected in the milk she provides her baby.

Search your local grocery stores for Organic, raw cheeses from grass-fed cows.

Don’t get overwhelmed. Remember, small changes truly make big impacts, especially when it comes to our health.

Start today by removing and replacing these 3 items in your fridge.