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5 Pantry Items to Trash Immediately

Did you know there are items lurking in your pantry that could be preventing you from achieving your weight loss goals, and even doing more serious damage to your body?

Unfortunately, many manufacturers are sacrificing quality for cheap production and shelf life, and it shows in the harmfulness of the food products on the market.

If you’re like the rest of us, there are likely 5 items, loaded with sugar, chemicals and preservatives, hiding right under your nose that should be trashed immediately.

1. Vegetable Oil

There’s no problem with vegetable oil, when it’s actually in the vegetable. But once it’s extracted, it becomes hydrogenated. Vegetable oil is extremely popular because it’s cheap to make.

Did you know that oil can only be heated to a certain temperate before it goes bad and becomes rancid? To extract it out of the vegetable, the process includes a very high heat, which means the oil has been heated past the safe point, making it extremely toxic to our bodies.

The oil is already rancid before it even makes it in the bottle and into your home. By the time you use it to cook, you’re reheating it again! It becomes a completely toxic fat before it enters your body.

Odds are, you’ve probably heard of trans fats and why they should be avoided. If you currently are trying to avoid trans fats, well, vegetable oil is one to add to your list of those to avoid.

Use alternatives such as coconut oil or grapeseed oil, because both of these have an incredibly high heat tolerance. That means you can use them through high-heat cooking processes, even frying, without hydrogenating those oils (and turning them rancid).

2. Flour

We get it.

You use flour for so much of your cooking and baking needs, but enriched, bleached, white flour is a powdery, chemical substance by the time it reaches you.

As we all know, food items have a limited shelf life, and shelf life is based on the life cycle of the living organism a food item was taken from. So in order to increase the shelf life of flour, manufacturers take grains, often genetically modified (GMO), and remove all the living parts and enrich or fortify the end product with synthetic vitamins and nutrients to give it some type of substance.

While it’s substance (only under a microscope), in your body, it’s toxic.

Great alternatives include organic rice flour or coconut flour. Both have the same consistency as all purpose flour. Almond flour is another really good, nutrient dense flour that’s great for multiple uses. We got in the kitchen and made grain-free hotdog buns from almond flour.

3. Ketchup

This is the big one, my husband’s absolute favorite condiment.

Ketchup is an extremely popular hidden, dangerous item found in all of our pantries. Most of us don’t even see that it’s a leading culprit causing us to be sick and overweight.

Ketchup is a huge source of high fructose corn syrup, preservatives, and food dyes, and we use a ton of it. High fructose corn syrup is what’s called a super sugar.

Your body does not even know how to break down high fructose corn syrup, or how to use it, and it spikes your insulin levels way past what your body can use, putting a lot of strain on both your pancreas and your hormones.

This stuff is found in almost everything, so make sure to read your labels and avoid it at all costs. Additionally, the name is changing from high fructose corn syrup to corn sugar, so stay aware!

This doesn’t mean you have to cut out ketchup, but you need to use an organic ketchup that uses real sugar. Also, use less, because even real sugar can cause inflammation, but at least your body knows what to do with real sugar versus chemical versions of sugar.

4. Peanut Butter

Your peanut butter has an incredible amount of secret ingredients in it.


Do you even know what half those ingredients are?

Most peanut butters have at least a paragraph’s worth of them, like the one just listed. The more ingredients you see means it’s all for shelf life, and if it has a long shelf life, it’s not going to produce life in your body.

The only ingredients for peanut butter should be organic peanuts and salt .. period. In natural peanut butters, the oil will even separate at the top. Also, opt for brands that come in a glass jar, because the oils have the ability to leak through plastic. Almond and cashew butters are other great options, and the same rule of thumb applies .. raw almonds, cashews, and salt. That’s it!

5. White Sugar

Last but not least, sugar! We all know that sugar is bad for us, and most of us try to avoid it as much as possible.

But as you’ve noticed from some of the above-mentioned foods, sugar hides in almost everything. Much like the flour mentioned above, white sugar is nothing but refined, bleached chemicals.

Your body knows how to process sugar, but the white sugar on the market today is toxic and usually derived from a genetically-modified (GMO) source, whether it’s beets, corn, or sugarcane.

Also, sugar is highly addictive, and research proves that white sugar causes diabetes, drives inflammation, and feeds cancer.

Trash your bags of white sugar and replace it with raw, unrefined sugars like organic cane sugar or organic turbinado sugar. Honey is also a great alternative, but the best option is to remove sugar from your diet completely by using Stevia, which comes from a leaf. And at all costs, stay away from those pink, blue and yellow packets as they are chemical sweeteners.

Cleaning your pantry of these 5 toxic items is a great first step towards renewing your health. Don’t “finish them off”. Trash them now, and replace them with the above alternatives. Your new life can start right now.