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3 Simple Ways to Eat Healthy at a Restaurant

OK, you’ve started your new lifestyle and started cleaning up your diet. You're making progress and are even starting to cook healthy meals at home. But now, you’re out at a restaurant and want to eat healthy, wondering what can you order?

You know that a single meal can destroy your diet if you let it, and eating out offers no shortage of unhealthy choices.

So does this mean you have to forego your social life to stick to a great health plan? The answer is a resounding heck no! You don’t have to sacrifice the food you love. Eating right just means making smarter choices.

Here are 3 simple solutions to beat the temptations on a night out.

1. Start with a Vegetable

If you’re one of those people who fill up on appetizers (yet still devour your entrée and dessert), you’ll want to pay close attention to this tip.

By starting your meal with a vegetable, you already begin with plenty of nutrients. That means that even if you don’t make the best choice for your entrée, you’ll at least reap the benefits of starting with a veggie.

If you’re looking for a great starter veggie, grilled artichokes are gaining tremendous popularity. In addition to being a healthy option with a delicious smokey, grilled flavor, artichokes offer fantastic liver support.

2. Avoid and Replace Carbs

We get it.

When it comes to restaurants, carbohydrates are everywhere, especially if you’re trying to save a buck.

Unfortunately, heavy carb options tend to be the cheapest options on the menu. For instance, many restaurants offer hummus as an appetizer, but it usually comes with pita bread or chips.

You’ll do your body a favor by avoiding the carbs from the bread and chips. Remember, you are the patron at the restaurant, and they want to accommodate you.

Ask if the restaurant will serve the hummus with something like a nice bowl of roasted bell peppers instead.

Mexican food is another great example. It’s delicious and packed with protein and nutrients, but it can also be loaded with carbohydrates.

Cut the carbs on Mexican night by asking for an item like a fajita without the tortilla. You still get protein-packed meat over grilled vetegables, and you can enjoy the salsa and the pico de gallo. Just go without the wrap, and your body with thank you.

Also, don’t fall prey to the “endless chips and salsa”. This is your opportunity to practice self-control.

If you love mexican food and want to make your own grain-free, gluten-free tortillas at home, check out this quick and easy recipe.

3. Create Your Own Entree

Sometimes, making healthier choices might mean asking for something that’s not necessarily on the menu.

A lot of times, many of us feel bad about ordering off-menu, but remember what I said earlier, you are the patron. My hubby once worked in the service industry and told me that if the kitchen has the ingredients, they will make it for you. Remember, most restaurants want to make you happy.

To make it easier on them, take something that already is on the menu and just ask for a slight variation. Most restaurants will accommodate your request (especially if they want your repeat business)!

Sushi is a great example.

It’s one of those great dishes everybody loves for a night out, but it can be tricky. It has the potential to be healthy, or it can completely sabotage your diet.

Some specialty sushi rolls have their signature sauce, and these heavy sauces can contain hidden sugars and bad fats. Avoid these sauces at all costs.

Take it a step further by asking them to hold the rice on their most popular rolls. Most people don’t think about the possibility of having sushi without rice, but most restaurants will be more than willing to make a special order just for you.

By following these 3 simple restaurant tips, turn your night out with friends or a romantic dinner date without the stress of worrying about what’s going into your body.

Remember, eating healthy doesn’t mean you don’t have to forego your social life. You don’t have to sacrifice the food you love.

Eating right just means making smarter choices.