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How to Combat Cold & Flu Season NATURALLY

Natural Defense with Essential Oils

Cold and flu season is officially here.

Around my house, we call it the “crud.” The crud includes the congestion, runny nose, headaches, body aches, nausea, and fevers associated with cold and flu season.

This time of year, it’s pretty much everywhere, so what can you do to prevent a cold or flu? And when the crud hits you, how do you deal with it?

In previous posts and videos, we’ve discussed supplements, nutrition, detoxing, and other things natural to boost our overall health and prevent illness. But sometimes, you just need something in the medicine cabinet for symptom relief when a cold or flu strikes.

Today I’ll share with you the symptom-relief power of essential oils – it really works!

But first, some basics about the sicknesses that might hit your family this year.

Bacterial Infections vs. Viral Infections: What’s the Difference?

When you visit your doctor with a cold or flu, you can generally expect to hear one of two things.

You either have:

(a) a bacterial infection or
(b) a viral infection.

If you have a bacterial infection your doctor will likely prescribe an antibiotic. But if the doctor determines that it is a viral infection, you’ll be told to go home and ..

.. let it “run its course.” We've all heard that before.

So what’s the difference between these two classifications? And why are the doctor’s orders different for each?

Both categories of infections affect your bloodstream. As a means of defense, your cells are surrounded by a layer of fat that protects them from anything attempting to invade from the outside.

A bacterial infection can enter your bloodstream, but it can’t penetrate that layer of fat around your cells.

A viral infection, on the other hand, can burrow into your cells, replicate its DNA, and initiate a life cycle from within.

Water and Oil: When Antibiotics Are Ineffective

The antibiotics prescribed by doctors are water-based.

What that means is, when you take them, they go into your bloodstream and can influence the area outside your cells, but, just like a bacterial infection, they cannot penetrate the layer of fat surrounding your cells.

In other words, water-based drugs can kill bacteria outside the cell, but they can’t enter through that layer of fat where viral infections reside.

To make a long story short, drugs can’t kill a virus.

That’s why the doctor tells you to go home, get plenty of rest and fluids, and just let it run its course because there’s nothing that can be done.

Well, maybe that’s the case for your doctor, but that’s not the case for you!

There is something you can do. Because while water can’t penetrate the fat around your cells, oils can!

Essential oils can reach an infected cell, penetrate that layer of fat, and kill the virus. Wowzers! That’s why oils are so powerful, but it’s important to choose the right ones.

Below are some must-have oils for cold and flu prevention and symptom relief.

Essential Oils to Prevent the Cold and Flu

Frankincense Essential Oil

- Anti-cancer
- High immune-boosting

Lemon Essential Oil

- Antiviral
- Antibacterial

On Guard Protective Blend by doTERRA

- A natural prevention formula to provide immune system support
- Includes a blend of oils like clove bud, rosemary, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and orange peel

I put all of the above oils on my baby before she goes to school, and it helps keep her protected and healthy when exposed to all those environmental threats.

Believe me, the little bit of a cold she ended up with is nothing compared to what it could have been.

When the Cold Strikes: Essential Oils to Aid Your Body in the Fight

If you do happen to get “the crud,” don’t worry, help is available!

Essential oils can support your body and alleviate the symptoms. As a quick note, I’m not saying the word “cure” here, but these oils will definitely aid you in the fight.

First, get an empty vegetable capsule and add five drops of On Guard, five drops of Melaleuca essential oil, and three drops of Oregano essential oil. Melaleuca is antibacterial, and oregano will kill just about anything nasty - seriously.

In our house, we call this process “making our own bombs.” Take one of these capsules every three to four hours until your symptoms are gone.

Some people find comfort in a hot drink when they’re not feeling well. Don’t worry .. essential oils have you covered.

Take a half a cup of hot water, mix in two drops of Lavender essential oil, two drops of Lemon essential oil, two drops of Peppermint essential oil, and two drops of Melaleuca. Mix the blend, and add in another cup of hot water for all-natural cold aid support.

As for specific symptoms, consider the list below your roadmap to wellness.

Congestion: Breathe Respiratory Blend by doTERRA opens up your sinuses in five minutes or less. You can apply it a bit like Vicks VapoRub on the chest, behind the ears, or under the nose.

Headaches: Peppermint oil will be your savior when a headache strikes. Apply peppermint directly on the location of your headache, and you will experience fast relief. It works for me in about three minutes.

Fever: I’m a big fan of fevers. A fever means that the body is doing what it’s supposed to be doing—raising the temperature to kill off that virus. But sometimes, fevers need to be lowered.

Apply peppermint or frankincense topically, right down the spine or at the base of the neck. In under thirty minutes, that fever will come down.

Nausea: Ginger oil and peppermint are perfect for nausea relief.

Essential oils defend your family’s health this cold and flu season. All of these oils, if you purchase them at retail prices, will cost you about $300, but there is a better way. You can save about 50% and buy them at wholesale prices, so you’ll spend closer to $150.

Send me a message at and I’ll share with you how you can get these must-have oils for your family for the best price. Be sure to check out our Facebook videos, posts, and webinars for more information.