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Bone Broth Protein – The Missing Link to Your Health

July 08, 2016 by Jonathan Hill

We have found the missing link to your health ..

.. it's the first and only Bone Broth Protein.

For as long as humans have been cooking over a fire, bone broth, the simmering broth made from animal bones that are otherwise discarded, has been a part of daily life for cultures around the world.

This stuff is centuries old, yet it has become the hottest trend (and so much more!) in health today.

Not only does bone broth add a depth of flavor, but its health benefits are currently capturing the attention of millions.

Bone broth is rich in protein, collagen, gelatin, glucosamine, conhydrine , and other key minerals often missing from the diets of modern humans. Benefits include healthy detox in the gut and immune system, healthy joints and muscle mass, vibrant skin, hair, and nails, metabolism, and healthy weight.

The drawbacks to making bone broth are simply the time required to make it at home and the price to buy a premade, packaged variety.

That’s why we’re proud and excited to introduce Bone Broth Protein. This new product is a breakthrough in protein supplements, and it delivers all the benefits of bone broth in an easy-to-mix, convenient, on-the-go form.

It contains twenty grams of gut-friendly, paleo-friendly protein per serving and provides bone broth cofactors like collagen, glucosamine, conhydrine, hyaluronic acid , and key electrolyte minerals to support gut, muscle, and joint health, plus skin detoxification.

This protein mix is free of all common allergens and is an ideal protein source for those sensitive to dairy, grain, eggs, beef, nuts, or legumes. It’s also been tested and proven to be GMO-free.

To recap, five major benefits of Bone Broth Protein include:

1. It saves time
2. It saves money
3. It’s packed with twenty grams of protein and cofactors
4. It’s a whole-food, supplemental protein
5. It is diet, gut, and paleo-friendly

We are so proud to introduce this product to you. It comes in a variety of flavors, currently Pure, Turmeric, Vanilla and Chocolate.

Faith and I have been using the Pure Bone Broth Protein mixed with hot water, just to get those nutrients and collagen. Additionally, I get Faith to add a scoop of Turmeric or Pure added to quinoa for dinner, as that's a great way to get 20 extra grams of protein in our meal, with all those additional benefits as well.

We have also been using the Chocolate variety (our favorite) as a complete transition from the proteins we used to use, which makes for a perfect shake after my workouts.

This is the only protein mix, hands down, that Faith's stomach has agreed with.

Like many of you, she can’t do whey proteins, and we both stay away from grain-heavy proteins, too. This is literally the perfect protein for her.

Additionally, I add a scoop of Turmeric to Diego's dogfood each day. He eats human-grade food, and the benefits of bone broth protein apply to animals as well.

So get your canister today, and it will change your life, just like it's changed ours!