Fortified Health Club: Small Changes Make Big Impacts


The Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Fortified Meal Plan

With all the confusing diets on the market, we’ve created the Fortified Meal Plan, a high-fat, moderate-protein, low-to-no-sugar diet. So what does that mean? Contrary to popular belief that a fat-free, or low-fat lifestyle is good for you, our plan adds high...Read More

3 Health Foods to Avoid

3 Health Foods to Avoid

Health food is not always what it’s cracked up to be. In fact, many of the items popularly marketed as “health foods” aren’t healthy at all. Many of these "health foods" are loaded with hidden sugars, chemical sweeteners, and preservatives, keeping you...Read More

3 Simple Ways to Eat Healthy at a Restaurant

Does eating healthy mean forgo your social life?

OK, you’ve started your new lifestyle and started cleaning up your diet. You're making progress and are even starting to cook healthy meals at home. But now, you’re out at a restaurant and want to eat healthy, wondering what can you order?...Read More

Can Less Exercise Yield Greater Results?

Exercise Less to Lose More?

How many hours a day do you spend working out at the gym? Are your efforts yielding minimal, if any, results? If you said yes, you're not alone, and it’s important we dispel a few myths about working out. Many of you...Read More

Calories Are About Quality Not Quantity

Calorie Restriction

Counting calories and using a points tracker to lose weight? Well, calorie restriction is perhaps one of the biggest hoaxes in the health food industry today. We’ve all bought into it. Eat less. Watch your calories. Calories matter. In fact, my husband...Read More

5 Pantry Items to Trash Immediately

5 Pantry Items to Trash

Did you know there are items lurking in your pantry that could be preventing you from achieving your weight loss goals, and even doing more serious damage to your body? Unfortunately, many manufacturers are sacrificing quality for cheap production and shelf life,...Read More

Danger Is Lurking In Your Fridge

3 Items to Remove from Fridge

Sometimes, it’s what you don’t put in your body that can have the greatest positive effect on your overall health. Did you know there are 3 extremely dangerous culprits lurking inside your fridge that could be preventing you from achieving your weight...Read More

Welcome to Fortified Health Club

Fortified Health Club

Health .. ugh. What emotion does that word evoke in you? For the longest time, it evoked negative emotions in both of us, because we lived completely unhealthy lifestyles. But now we have worked in the health and wellness industry for about...Read More

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