Fortified Health Club: Small Changes Make Big Impacts


Focus Increases Efficiencies

Your Mind Talks, The Body Listens

I haven’t eaten any food in 4 days .. .. yea, that’s not a typo unfortunately. Today, Saturday, was the first day I’ve been at the gym all week, since I started a fast from all food on Tuesday, and I had...Read More

How To Replace Your Medicine Cabinet

Top 3 Essential Oils to Add

For our Get Clean in 2016 Initiative, we’re discussing how to replace products like household cleaners and the toxic items in your medicine cabinet. For health-conscious individuals aiming to ditch the harmful chemicals, essential oils are a great and all-natural alternative. For...Read More

The Shocking Truth About Milk

Truth about Milk

Is drinking milk healthy? The question has evolved into a heated debate, and there are valid points on both sides. Arguments from the “don’t drink milk” side include the assertion that your intestines actually bleed when you first drink milk. Yikes! Milk...Read More

5 Quick Changes for More Energy

5 Changes for More Energy

It seems we’re all looking for more energy these days. Everyone’s waking up, saying “I’m tired" or “I feel like I didn’t get enough rest" or “Maybe I just need more sleep.” But is it more sleep that we really need? Here...Read More

Do You Know How to Breathe?

The air we breathe

Breathing is the subconscious mechanism by which our lungs pull air into our bodies and deliver oxygen to our cells, which require it to function. Life outside a mother’s womb cannot begin without the first breath. In some cultures, the first breath...Read More

Gluten-Free Doesn't Mean Healthy

Is gluten-free really healthy?

Gluten sensitivity is a big deal for modern consumers today. In fact, some people have such difficulties processing this little substance that they opt to avoid it altogether. As a result, gluten-free diets have become very popular these days. The question is,...Read More

Inflammation - The Silent Killer

Chronic Inflammation, The Silent Killer

You often hear health professionals talk about chronic inflammation. Time magazine called it “the silent killer” in the 2004 issue. But what is it, and how can we stop it from robbing us of our health? The term “chronic inflammation” typically refers...Read More

3 Steps to Kickstart a Healthy Lifestyle

3 Small Changes to Kickstart Your Health

A new year has started. You have decided that this is your moment. Now is the time. You are ready and committed to make a change in your overall health. Whether you have big goals or small goals, you’re ready to achieve...Read More

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