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Is Bubbly Water Healthy?

By now, we should all know that sugary sodas (even diet sodas) are a chemical nightmare and detrimental to our health. Some health enthusiasts rush to the store to pick up the alternative to sodas .. bubbly water drinks like tonic water,...Read More

Do Air Fresheners Do More Than Just "Freshen"?

Air Fresheners

Do air fresheners really freshen the air we breathe? You might call me "hypersensitive", but one of my pet peeves is to walk into a room that has just been sprayed with a ton of air freshener. I just cannot stand it!...Read More

Medical Marijuana - To Legalize or Not to Legalize

Medical Cannabis

Medical marijuana, or as we should call it, medical cannabis, is the subject of hot debate these days, as it should be. There is, quite frankly, overwhelming evidence for the medicinal use of cannabis for a myriad of maladies that plague the...Read More

6 Doctor-Recommended Herbs For Pregnancy

Doctor Recommended Herbs During Pregnancy

Herbs can make a wonderful addition to your self care plan during pregnancy. In addition to delivering an array of nutrients, herbs can also help alleviate your mood, calm your nerves and even help you get better sleep! While not all herbs...Read More

6 Ways to Support your Adrenals After Baby

6 Ways to support Adrenals after baby

You may have been warned about the massive fluctuations in hormones after childbirth. The fallout from the rapid drop in estrogen and progesterone in the weeks following birth results in different symptoms for different women, but the biggies are changes in energy,...Read More

Top 5 CLEAN Personal Care Products

Top 5 Personal Care Products

The more we learned, the more we realized how imperative it was to change not only our foods, but all of our personal care and cleaning products as well. This is why we started the “Get Clean in 2016 Initiative” in the...Read More

3 Veggies Guaranteed to Make You Sick

3 Veggies to Avoid

You may be shocked and wonder, “Why should I avoid vegetables?" After all, they grow from the ground and you can’t get more natural than vegetables, right? So why in the world should you avoid them, you might be thinking? Well, unfortunately,...Read More

Are You Dying to be Beautiful?

Dying to be Beautiful

We all want to feel and look great .. .. but are the products you’re using producing life, or are they killing you? The state of your cells is based on everything you expose your body to .. foods, chemicals, attitudes, beliefs,...Read More

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