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5 Quick Changes for More Energy

March 09, 2016 by Jonathan Hill

It seems we’re all looking for more energy these days.

Everyone’s waking up, saying “I’m tired" or “I feel like I didn’t get enough rest" or “Maybe I just need more sleep.

But is it more sleep that we really need?

Here are the top five changes you need to make right now to gain more energy.

1. Eat a High-Fat, Lower-Carb Diet

If you've followed our blogs for any length of time, you probably know that our brain burns two types of energy for your entire body: (1) fat and sugar.

Think of a car that burns gas efficiently or inefficiently ..

.. an inefficient vehicle creates major, thick emissions that are very toxic to our environment. The same thing happens when your brain burns sugar for energy. The toxic substances produced after your body burns sugar produces an off-gas, and that off-gas makes our systems very sluggish, causing fatigue after the energy boost that sugar initially provides.

When your brain burns fat for energy; however, there is no off-gassing.

It’s a clean, efficient burn.

Your body burns the fat, thus producing pure energy. Then your body looks for more fat to burn, keeping you sustained longer. Our Medical Team can educate you all about the benefits of a High Fat, Low-to-no-sugar lifestyle.

2. Monitor Your Caffeine

I get it. Trust me.

Sometimes I go to bed and tell Faith "I can't wait to wake up and have my coffee."

Don't judge.

Seriously, adrenal fatigue is a huge issue. Caffeine stimulates your adrenal glands, which means you stimulate your fight-or-flight instinct every time you consume caffeine.

Over time, your adrenal glands get burned out from overuse. Adrenal fatigue is a systemic fatigue. It is beyond tired.

Instead of caffeine, start your day with water (I have at least one large cup of water to every small cup of coffee I have).

Popular coffees from chain or convenient stores like lattés, mochaccinos, and frappucinos contain added chemicals and sugars that will give you an energy spike then a hard crash soon after.

Not to mention, the chemicals alone will tax all of your organs including your adrenals. All of that bombardment is a recipe for a crash.

Like I said, I love me some coffee, but I try to make it as nutritious as possible and we use it to feed our brains the fuel for lasting energy. We've even created a full-fat, salted caramel latte that is stinkin' amazing (well, Faith created it, I just drink it).

3. Drink More Water

Your body needs it .. period!

Heck, it's been said that our bodies are 70 - 80 percent water. This includes the space between and throughout our cells. That statistic alone should let you know we need it, and a significant amount of it each day.

Water aids in digestion and keeps you regular, which keeps your food moving through your body. Nothing makes your more fatigued than backed-up bowels.

Water also boosts your immune system, flushes out toxins through sweat and urination, and keeps your kidneys flushed.

I've also found a glass typically relieves headaches, which are mostly caused by dehydration. So start there, just a tall glass of high-quality H2O.

4. B-Vitamins

The first sign of B12 deficiency is fatigue. Next is muscle weakness and shakiness, even low blood pressure.

Adding Vitamin B12 into your diet helps your body convert your food into energy. It also helps the production of red blood cells and even regenerates bone marrow.

B12 is critically important and necessary to the health of your entire nervous system, which tells all of your organs how to function. If you need an extra boost, adding B12 to your system may give you that little pep in your step you’re looking for.

5. Exercise (A Little Goes a Long Way)

I love exercise. Yes, I know, I'm a weirdo, but I do.

A little exercise goes a long way, with little being the key word.

If you’re pounding it in the gym for more than an hour, you’re probably raising your cortisol to dangerous levels.

That breaks down your muscles and stores fat. If you’re causing that much wear and tear, you’ll reverse the benefits of working out.

Heightened cortisol also results in more fatigue, and your appetite goes up because you’re completely worn down, making you crave sugary foods for a burst of energy.

When you opt for healthier exercises like burst training, you’re lowering your cholesterol and raising your HGH and your testosterone, causing your body to burn fat for energy. Therefore, you are gaining clean energy without the toxic off-gas that bogs your system down and makes your fatigued. Not to mention, burst training requires only a fraction of the time!

OK let's recap, 5 simple changes to make to increase your energy:

(1) Eat a Higher-Fat, Lower-Carb Diet
(2) Monitor Your Caffeine
(3) Drink More Water
(4) Add B-Vitamins
(5) Exercise (Maybe Less)

So there you have it. Little changes produce huge results, and these top five lifestyle and nutrition changes will help reduce fatigue and increase energy. And those changes are simple. I'm not asking you to move a mountain. I'm just asking you to pick up that rock and put it over there. Just take it one step at a time.