Fortified Health Club: Small Changes Make Big Impacts

3 Steps to Kickstart a Healthy Lifestyle

A new year has started.

You have decided that this is your moment. Now is the time. You are ready and committed to make a change in your overall health. Whether you have big goals or small goals, you’re ready to achieve them ..

.. but where do you start?

This is typically where people mess up.

When people think about their goals, they think it's so much harder than it really is. I once read a blog that said "we don't need to move mountains, we just need to pick up a pebble."

When it comes to our health, most of us make goals like, “I’m going to go to the gym five days a week for an hour each time” or “I’m going to get rid of everything sugar in my diet, sugary drinks, rice, bread, pasta, and fruit.” These things are great goals, but they’re not a great place to start.

Typically when we're attempting big changes without following a program that’s been laid out for us, we tend to overcommit, only to leave ourselves discouraged and overwhelmed.

The changes we make might last a week, or even a month, maximum, before we just give up and quit, going back to our old habits and old ways.

Is this you ..

.. you’re someone who knows exactly what you should be doing, but you’re just not motivated. You’re trying to get there, but all you can think about is how off-base you are and how many things need to change.

This can be really frustrating and depressing, but most of all, it can, and will, cause you to do nothing.

So, where do you start?

Remember, we don't have to move mountains. That blog I referenced earlier went on to say "don't do nothing. Do just a little bit more than that, and you'll start to see more results than most people."

I'm going to share three simple steps to kick-start your new lifestyle of health. If you can commit to just these three small "pebbles", then you will be progressing to a full-fledged, healthy lifestyle before you know it. The transition will be effortless.

I need to preface this with a warning.

You're just getting started. In this phase, do not base your success on your physical results. These aren’t the only changes you’ll need to meet your goals. The purpose of these three steps is to initiate change and help you get started.

Let me explain ..

.. First gear in a vehicle works the hardest, but gears two through six don’t work nearly as hard.


Because they’re utilizing momentum. These three steps are just first gear. They’re designed to help you build up your momentum. You might not necessarily reach your results, but you’ll get going in the right direction.

Ready to learn 3 small changes to make today? Let's get started.

1. Replace ALL Drinks with Water

You’ve GOT to clean up your drinks.

If you can clean your drinks, you’re going to kick the biggest addiction most people have ..

.. sugary sodas and coffees.

The solution is to simply transition all your drinks to water.

Yes, ALL your drinks. Don't look at is as being "too hard", look at it from a commitment perspective. Commit to "x" days, whether that's one week, one month, or whatever timeframe you decide. Just commit to it.

If you’re a person who really needs your hot cup of joe in the morning (I'm guilty), then I would suggest that you clean up your coffee. Make sure to buy Organic coffee, and sweeten it with Stevia and/or organic cream. Stevia is a sweetener produced by a stevia plant, not by chemical sweeteners, but not all brands are clean. Here is our preferred brand.

Additionally, try hot tea or hot water with lemon and Stevia. And if you just can't take it anymore and have to splurge, make sure it’s a water-based hot drink with ingredients that are Organic and clean so that you’re not getting added chemicals without realizing it.

Sodas and diet sodas are the downfall for most people, and are one of the primary roots of our frustrations and not achieving results.

2. Burst Train Two Days Per Week

Exercise ..

.. Most of us have these excuses memorized pretty well in our daily script, such as "I don't have time, I have to watch the kids today, work ran late" or "I have to grocery shopping."

Life just gets in the way, sometimes, but there's a solution.

How about two days a week, ten minutes a day and only three minutes of workout time, all from the comfort of your home?

How's that sound?

I got hooked on burst training years ago, and have never looked back. You see, I used to be that guy that would take his phone to the gym. Do a set of bench presses, rest for 2 minutes while sending emails, do a set of bicep curls, rest for 2 minutes with more email correspondence. I don't even think I had an ounce of sweat on my shirt.

Are you kidding me? And I actually complained that I didn't see results at the gym (*shaking my head).

If you’re not familiar with burst training, learn the basics from our good friend Dr. Holly Loveless.

Burst training helps you burn fat for 24 to 36 hours after you’ve completed your workout, which means you're still burning fat outside the gym. It gets you moving at your max, and here’s the best part ..

.. Burst training works wherever you are. Wherever you are, it's exactly where you need to be, and the more you do it, the more you progress.

If you begin with just two days a week, that’s just twenty minutes of working out per week, and you’re actually moving your body for only six minutes. No one has the excuse that they can't make time for that.

Start there, and I promise you’ll move up to where you want to be in a short amount of time.

The key is to commit.

Choose the best time for you. Choose a day and make an appointment with yourself that you won’t skip out on. Make it something you would not miss for anything, as if it were the most important appointment of your week. Morning is a perfect time. Or if you’d like to work out at lunch, that’s easy, too.

But unlike me during my "email-sending gym days", you will be sweaty, so make sure that you have an opportunity to shower afterwards.

3. Eat Super-Clean One Meal Per Day

Eating "super-clean" .. what is that?

It's a great life choice, but it can seem like an impossible goal. Here’s how you can start.

For a week straight, pick just one meal per day, I don't care if it's breakfast, lunch, or dinner, but just clean up that entire meal. Which one is easiest for you to maintain? Make your decision based on convenience, management of ingredients, and daily cravings. This will be especially easy if you’re not a big breakfast person.

By eating super-clean one meal per day, you will cognitively start to get aware of how easy it is to make these clean transitions. In the following week, increase it from one meal a day to two. In the third week, up it to all three. It will only be a matter of time until you’ve transitioned all your meals.

This is a great starting point on what eating super-clean looks like.

Remember, you only have to move the pebble first, not the mountain.

Final Thoughts

Guys, all it takes really is commitment, and these are 3 easy and simple steps to get you started.

Your goals are possible, tangible and certainly within your reach.

My goal is always for you to be able to experience life at maximum capacity, physically, mentally, relationally, emotionally, and spiritually. Should you ever come under attack in any of these areas, we want you to be able to fight vigorously and come out stronger.

As a recap, just commit to trying these three simple steps for just one week:

(1) Replace all drinks with water
(2) Exercise twice per week (for only 10 minutes)
(3) Eat super-clean for one meal per day

That's it!

You'll be amazed how different you feel, not only physically, but mentally as well.

Small changes make big impacts when it comes to your health, and once you start seeing and feeling the results of your new life change, everyday will get easier and easier to continue.

Congratulations on choosing to take the steps to reclaim your health.