Fortified Health Club: Small Changes Make Big Impacts

Get Clean in 16 Initiative

Going “all natural” and toxic free is all the rage right now, and normally, we would say that is a REALLY GREAT thing.

But unfortunately with every upswing, there seems to be a down swing.

The down side of this popular movement that started with pure roots is that anything the masses begin to jump onto, so do the big corporations.

The marketing war is ON for your dollars.

Big manufacturers are seeing that folks are willing to pay a premium for cleaner, Organic products, which stinks because we are paying more for them to do LESS to our products!

More than EVER we have to read labels because marketers are using key words like “natural”, “free and clear”, "Toxin-free" or simply listing off certain toxic ingredients they don’t have while hiding the ones they DO still have.

It is getting more confusing than ever and can be extremely discouraging when you think you are doing the right thing, only to find out later you were deceived.

We are finding more and more that we can’t trust an entire brand simply because we found one product in their line that is truly clean (Seventh Generation is an example).

We also are finding out that a new look on the packaging may mean a new formula inside (Kashi), or the company we once loved has been secretly bought out by a mega corporation and the product is now changed (Honest T).

If you are new to the scene of clean, and are trying to navigate all of this for the first time ..

.. WOWZERS! So confusing!

This is why we have started the Get Clean in '16 Initiative.

In this monthly series, we are going to be conducting product reviews, teaching you some super-fun DIYs and helping you navigate the path to toxic-free living a bit easier.

It's hard being a consumer these days. Let us do the research for you!

The EPA states that the greatest exposure to toxic chemicals is right inside our home! That means the air quality inside (where we eat, sleep and socialize) is worse off than outside!

Due to the airtight way homes are built, all of the fumes from chemicals in our floorings, paints, furniture and cleaning supplies have nowhere to go! It is said that our indoor air quality is 5 times more toxic than our outdoor air.

Our commitment at Fortified Health Club is to help you "de-stress" every area of your life, whether that's food, chemicals, relationships or beliefs.

Our mission is to see you living the Fortified definition of health, which we say often:

Freedom to experience life at maximum capacity physically, mentally, relationally, emotionally and spiritually, and should they come under attack be able to fight vigorously and come out stronger.

The Get Clean in '16 Initiative is just one more way we want to support you on your journey.

We are excited to share this series with you and support you on your journey.