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Eating Healthy on a Budget

Eating healthy on a budget

With the new year just weeks away (that's crazy to even say), most people are already talking about how this is the year that they are going to take action on taking charge of their health. If that's you .. good for...Read More

How to Combat Cold & Flu Season NATURALLY

Natural cold and flu remedies

Natural Defense with Essential Oils Cold and flu season is officially here. Around my house, we call it the “crud.” The crud includes the congestion, runny nose, headaches, body aches, nausea, and fevers associated with cold and flu season. This time of...Read More

Bone Broth Protein - The Missing Link to Your Health

We have found the missing link to your health .. .. it's the first and only Bone Broth Protein. For as long as humans have been cooking over a fire, bone broth, the simmering broth made from animal bones that are otherwise...Read More

Do you know what's hiding in your Shampoo?

Dirty Shampoo

I get it; you have a flaky scalp, and you want to do whatever it takes to get rid of it. As a licensed cosmetologist for fifteen years, I heard this all the time. Today, we’re putting a popular fix to the...Read More

How to Prevent and Reverse Type-2 Diabetes

If you follow health news, you may have heard all the statements about how sugar is poison. My goal in this blog is to prove the accuracy of that statement, and we’ll go over some of the harmful effects it can have...Read More

Sunscreen - Friend or Foe?

It’s that time of year again .. .. the warm, summer days when we trade in our umbrellas for beach towels to have some fun in the sun. We’re always encouraged to wear sunscreen for the sake of our health, but sunscreen...Read More

Avoid These 3 Fruits If Weight Loss Is Your Goal

3 Fruits to Avoid for Weight Loss

In Fortified Health Club, we are all about reducing chronic inflammation, and the first step is to identify what causes it. It boils down simply to three main culprits .. • Bad Fats • Toxins • Sugars Our Lead Fortified Health Club...Read More

The Power of Seven: My 7 Favorite Beauty Products

The Power of 7

Hey ladies! I want you to consider the following .. .. The average woman in America is exposed to 515 chemicals every single day! .. The European Union bans 1,400 chemicals from use in personal care products, while the United States bans...Read More

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